Flour Party!

So the girls and I were all stuck in the house today because the weather decided to be yucky and cold.  They were a bit restless and bored.  That's when I decided that  I wanted to do something fun and crazy (for me anyway), and change up our routine a bit.

I remembered a friend of mine telling me about how she let her kids play with flour, and that they LOVED it!  So I thought, why not!  Let's go for it!  
(Just make sure you have a vacuum handy.)

Kyrah and Syd loved it so much it ended up getting EVERYWHERE!  Not just all over the table and chairs and floor but all over them!  It was in their hair, up their nose, you name it.  It was literally coming out of their ears.  They were adorable and couldn't be happier.   They kind of reminded me of those geisha girls, with their faces painted white.

I think the funnest part of all was when Kyrah said, "I can't believe you let us play with all of this flour, mom!  We made a bi-i-i-g-g-gggg mess!  Can we do it again, tomorrow?"  (If I didn't actually have to use flour for any kind of baking or anything, I might actually consider making it a daily ritual.  We'll have to see.)

If you want to have your own flour party here is what you need:

-baking sheets to put the flour on (optional)
-little hands to play in it
-camera (believe me, you are gunna want pictures, or even video)
-vacuum (this is a necessity) 


Here are some pictures of my Kyrah and Syd enjoying themselves.  These are the memories I will treasure.

They wouldn't smile for me when I would try to take their pictures together!  But I promise, they had a blast!  (Don't believe me?  Come check out the HUGE mess I get to clean up!)