Featured Today: We Love Being Moms!

Feature Friday!

I love Fridays!  Although I have to say that being a mom all my days run together.  lol!  

Now, I would like to introduce you to Holly and Heather.  These are not only amazing moms, but they LOVE what they do! Hence--the name of their blog.  We Love Being Moms!  What mom doesn't love their kids, but seriously, sometimes you have those days where you wish you could jump ship and go on vacation for a while--(by yourself.)  

But at the end of the day--even on those hard days you find ways to enjoy those rough times and you find creative ways to spend time with your kids and doing things that are fun and enjoyable.  You enjoy and cherish those special times.  That is exactly where Holly and Heather come in!  

"We love being moms is a blog where we share unique activities for children, crafts, recipes, and inspirational thoughts and quotes for moms." ~ Holly & Heather

That just about sums it up!  They have everything here to help you become a successful mom.  And  on those hard days you can get inspirational thoughts to lift you up and keep you going.

My favorite part about their blog is the their "theme weeks."  This is genius!  My 3 year old is not in preschool yet and some days I just feel fresh out of ideas keep her busy and entertained.  But these "theme weeks" gives you activities and recipes to do with your kids during the week to help them learn about a certain theme.  

Here is an example:
THEME WEEK #6: Health & Nutrition

Here are some of their organization tips:
You use shower curtain rings to keep all your tank tops together. (How cool!)

Also, here is an awesome tutorial:  How to make your own Mater from CARS!  Love it!

If you are a mom and are in need of some AMAZING Tips and Tricks about organization, recipes, printables, tutorials etc.  Please, do yourself a favor and hop on over to We Love Being Moms! blog and start following!  You won't regret it!  You can also follow them on PINTEREST.

Thanks again Holly and Heather for your wonderful blog, chuck full of such valuable information for all moms!  Keep up the good work!

Happy Feature Friday!