I am a list maker.  I find that when I make lists I actually get a lot more done.  Take today for example:  I ran 3 miles (I'm training for a half marathon in Spetember), I got the dishes done, laundry folded, website updated, e-mails sent out, kids dressed and ready for the day, dinner made, bills paid,  I went to the mall to get another set of errings for Syd because one came out and we lost it :(.  And I got some faxes sent out as well.  And that was just part of my list.  But like I said...I LOVE to check things off my list.  I feel so accomplished when I do.

But I always wonder, lists are good...but you don't want to be so consumed by lists that they control you right?  So what lists are the most important to keep your world running as a mom?  Here are some suggestions:

1. weekly to-do list
2.  running grocery list
3.  bithdays of families and friends
4.  favorite scripture verses
5. emergency contacts
6.  school or child care information
7.  your wish list
8.  house rules
9. personal goals
10.  questions to as the doctor
11.  items to buy
12. things that needs fixing
13.  school events and holidays
14.  upcoming deadlines
15.  appointments
16.  frequently called phone numbers
17.  addresses
18.  holiday shopping
19.  a master packing list for vacations
20.  birthday wish lists for the kids

This list is an excerpt from:

Mom's Ultimate Book of Lists, A: 100+ Lists to Save You Time, Money, and Sanity 

Now, keep in mind you don't HAVE to keep all these lists.  Just pick the ones that work for you!  But these are some great suggestions!  This will help you be able to keep track of all the things you know you should do...but aren't.   (That's how I feel!)

Writing my blog post for today:  CHECK!  :)