She is ONE!

Sydnee was born 1 year ago on May 11th!  I can't believe how fast this year has flown!

Here are her one year stats:
Weight: 16 lbs 0.5oz  (3rd percentile)
Height:  28 inches  (25th percentile)
Head circumference:  17 1/3 inches  (25th percentile)
(She's still super light!  But she eats well, so we aren't really worried.)

What Sydnee does:
*  She now crawls like Speedy Gonzalez and sometimes it is hard to keep up with her.
*  She also LOVES to pull herself up on stuff and walk around holding on!  (It won't be long before she is walking by herself)
*  When she eats she loves to put food in her hair.  It doesn't matter to her that mommy just gave a bath five minutes before.
*  When Syd goes to sleep she has to roll around and stand on her head a few times before she will actually surrender to sleep.
*  She always has to have something in her mouth while she is crawling around.  (Usually it is a "play kitchen" spoon)
*  If something is not the way she wants it...she will let you know.  I took a piece of chalk from her today when she put in her mouth, and from the way she cried and squealed you would assume the world had come to an end.  There is no lack of drama with this child!  But I love her for it!  She is always keeping me on my toes.

What Sydnee says:
*  Her first word was:  "K-ee-aa" (Kyrah- her sister)
*  Her second word was: "hi"(she will say this about a hundred times every day.  The thing I love most is the way that she always smiles when she says it :)  )
*  Sydnee has yet to say "mama", but she has said "dada" before, but I don't know if she knows what it means.  Every time I try and get her to say either "mama" or "dada" she just looks at me like I am crazy and just laughs.  She is a to smart for her own good.
*  She also has to blow on all of her food that we give her before she will eat it, whether it is hot or cold. :)
*  Syd will sing in the car while she is playing or when there is music on.  She even likes to sing with us in church while we are singing the hymns.

What Sydnee likes:
*  Syd has become a lot more of snuggler than she used to be.  (And by a lot I mean she will snuggle for about 2 minutes or so instead of 30 seconds)
*  She also loves the piano and will bang on the keys and laugh
*  Her favorite food is peanut butter and honey sandwiches and string cheese
*  To color with her magnet board
*  She LOVES her Hippo Luvi Blanket and her binki.  They go everywhere with her.
*  She loves to splash in the bath tub and would seriously stay in the water all day if I let her.
*  She follows Kyrah around everywhere and likes to do everything she does.
*  Syd loves to read books and points to the pictures.

Best Friends!

Eating her Birthday Cake!  YUM!

We love you Syd!  You bring so much life to the party and there is never a dull moment with you around!  You are quite a little lady.  You seem to be 1 going on 5.  :)  Don't grow up to fast!  Happy (b-lated) Birthday baby girl!

Mommy, Daddy & Kyrah