What to have in a well stocked-car

(image courtesy of lifeonahanger.blogspot.com)

As moms there are always things that we forget or things that we know we need to have on hand with kids.  Here are a few simple lists of things that you should always keep in your car.
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For Babies:

* a seasonal change of clothes
* diapers
* wet wipes
* formula
* bottled water
* sippy cup
* baby food
* baby utensils

For Toddlers:

* a seasonal change of clothes
* pull-ups
* snacks (dried fruit, granola bars, or crackers)
*sippy cup
* bottled watter
* 100% fruit juice boxes
* an extra pair of shoes

For Older Children & Grown-ups:

* a seasonal change of clothes
* an extra pair of shoes
* bottled water
* snacks

For Safety:

* blanket
* duct tape
* extra car fuses
* first aid kit
* flashlight and batteries
* "Help?" sign
* ice scraper
* jumper cables
* map
* paper
* pen
* pocket knife
* roadside flares
* tire inflator (such as fix-a-flat)