Twenty Family Outings that are fun for EVERYONE!

We LOVE to go to the aquarium!  :)

We are sitting in the living room staring at the TV.  Bored.  There is little to no communicating.  Now tell is that helping to strengthen your family relationships?'s not.  If fact it may be hurting them in long run.  I know that sometimes it's hard to come up with fun things to do together as a family that EVERYONE will enjoy.  Well, here is a list of fun family activities that might have something in them for the whole family to enjoy!!

Now...get up off the couch...turn off the TV...and go have some fun as a family!

1.  A trip to the zoo.  (My daughter loves the monkeys)
2.  A day at the beach or lake.
3.  An afternoon of sledding.
4.  A trip to the museum.
5.  A day of hiking.
6.  A visit to a corn maze.
7.  A trip to the farm.
8.  A camping adventure.
9.  Pick your own fruit or veggies.  (Then you can eat them!)
10.  Attending an outdoor concert.
11.  Miniature golfing.
12.  Take a bike ride.
13.  Bowling.
14.  A trip to the aquarium.  (my hubby and I could spend ALL DAY at the aquarium! so fun!)
15.  A trip to a homemade icre cream stand.  (homemade ice cream?  I don't think any one could pass that up!)
16.  Visit to a state park.  (have a picnic!)
17.  Trip to a theme park.
18.  Attend a circus.  (I can't remember the last time I did this!)
19.  Go to a family show.
20.  Do a drive-in movie.

List provided by A Mom's Ultimate Book of Lists by Michelle LaRowe