Happy Easter Weekend!

Easter is tomorrow!  I feel bad because I haven't even gotten around to decorating or anything.  But hey, at least we will have a wonderful meal of Lamb and red potatoes.  Yum!  My girls went on a little easter egg hunt on Thursday and it was really cold and wet but still fun.  Kyrah was so funny because when the whistle blew she just stood there and watched all of theother kids run around grabbing all the eggs they could find.  In the end Kyrah ended up only getting 2 eggs.  And that was after some encouragement from mom and dad!  And Syd got 1 egg, which she proudly picked up all by herself.  Good job Syd!  I love Easter Egg hunts!  If I was still a kid I would have run around too grabbing for all the eggs!

Even though Easter Egg hunts and the Easter Bunny are fun ways to celebrate Easter; I hope this Easter Sunday we remember Jesus Christ and his resurrection and sacrifice for all of us.  Happy Easter weekend!  May your days be filled with new beginnings!

We had so much fun!

Happy Easter!