Giveaway with The Copper Brick Road

Can it be Friday already? I feel like yesterday was Monday.  Wow, this week has gone by way to fast.  So, this week Kyrah got sick and has had a horrible cough and cold.  :(  I took her to the Dr. yesterday and all he said was we have to wait it out.  Ahhh...that is so frustrating.  I wish there was a magic pill to fix the common cold.  Anyone want to invent it?  I will pay top dollar to get my hands on one of those!

Since it has been 5 days since Kyrah came down with the cold I thought...maybe...just maybe...Sydnee would be free and clear.  Well...this morning I was woken up by my poor little 11 month old coughing away.  *sigh*  I hope this next week goes by as fast...(for the sake of my daughters).  I really feel bad for the kiddos.  They have to be cooped up with their mommy all day and they can't see their friends.  (Not to mention...mommy can't see her friends either.)   Those yucky germs!  Why can't you just go on a vacation and come back in...oh, say...100 years!  Oh well...enough of my ranting.

Yay!  It's that time again!  GIVEAWAY TIME!  Don't forget to register and you can win any Luvi Blanket of your choice :)

The Giveaway is taking place starting tomorrow 4/16/2011!

Go to: to enter :)

The contest will last aprox. 2 weeks.  Good Luck!  :)

Have a fabulous weekend!