The Fly Lady

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So as you all know, I have been trying different ways to become better organized in my family life and business.  Sometimes you have so much to do that your "wife-ly" duties (like cleaning the house, for example) get put to the wayside.  If this sounds like are in good company!  Just last night I was looking around my house and saying to myself:

"OK, where to start?  Everything is a mess!  AHHH!"

But then I remembered The Fly Lady.  This woman knows how to get things done.  She breaks everything down into "bite sized pieces" or "zones" as she calls them.  But everything is laid out so nicely you don't have to panic and think..."Where do I start?"  She takes all the guessing work out of it and leads you step by step a long the way.

Not only does she help you organize your house, but she also helps you to de-clutter your mind and body too!  So it's the entire package to help you become a new and better YOU!  And best of won't spend a dime.  So if you need help getting a handle on your house, your self, or your life--hop on board and let's start making those changes together!  :)


****PS--You have until the end of the week (April 16th)  to get all of your orders in if you need them before or by the May 1st.  I am going to Cancun for a week!  Whoohoo!  (May 1st-May 8th).  So no orders will be going out until after I get back.  Thank you!