Cold Feet & Oreos

OK, so there were some pretty memorable things that have happened in our family in the past couple of days and I just needed to blog about them!

Here is what happened when I gave an Oreo cookie Sydnee (11 months).  Her face was clean when I gave her the cookie  and I turn around for about 30 seconds and when I look back this is what I see:

She must have really liked the Oreo!  :)  I know they are some of my favorite cookies!  YUM!

The second thing actually happened this morning.  It snowed a ton last night. (yes, it is April--gotta love living in Logan, UT with crazy weather!)  Anyway, Kyrah wanted to go outside in the snow.  So she grabs her flip flops and her beach ball and looks up at me and says:  "Ok, I'm ready!"  My hubby being the  father that he is, thought it would teach her a lesson if she went out in the snow in flip flops.

Needless to say, it backfired.

Kyrah went out in knee deep snow in her flip flops and just stood there.  Ry tried to get her to come back inside but she wouldn't.  She walked around a bit and then stood some more.  I don't know how she was able to stand in the snow that long!  It's like she was practically barefoot.  Finally after about 8 minutes of watching this I told my hubby that he had better go get our daughter out of the snow before she freezed to death.  Ry went to get her but she insisted on walking inside.  Once she got inside she put down her beach ball and said:  "I had fun in the snow, mommy!"  She touched her feet and told me that they were cold.  But that was it!  I bet if we let her do it again, she would!  So much for the lesson learned.  I guess that is the way kids are though :)  I love it!

Lastly, we went (just a few days ago--when it was nice, sunny and warm) on a walk and to the park.  Here are my adorable girls sporting the most stylish eye-wear!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!