Faith brings Miracles

(This is the bracelet I was given at the "Ignite Your Spark" Conference. I have been wearing it every day since  I got it.
It has very special meaning to me now.)

It's amazing to me what a little faith will do.  Going to the "Ignite Your Spark Conference" this past weekend was an extraordinary experience!  To be honest, even though my business has been doing ok, I've only been in business about 2 years and so we are still in the struggling phase.  I am getting a decent amount of orders, but right now I have a lot of expenses because I am still in the "start-up" mode.

Well, at the conference we had a lot outstanding speakers.  One thing that I took away from the conference was the fact that in a business sometimes you have to give more than what you think is possible.  It took pretty much all I had (as far as finances) to get to the conference.  But I was told, even if it did take all I had to get there, I need to give a little bit more.  At first I thought, that is easier said than done!  Where is the money going to come from.  Well, after doing a lot of soul searching...I decided that it was time for me to take the next step.  If I wanted to get ahead and if I really wanted to succeed, I needed to make some changes.  So, I hired a business coach.  I used what little money I had left in my account and paid it.  Going on faith that all would work out.

Can I just tell you...that was on Saturday when I made that decision.

It is now Monday.

And between those 3 days...I have received 5 orders in addition to my wholesale account that I was able to get about a week ago.  I believe in God, and I know that if you are faithful and trust in Him, that He will provide a way for you.  And He did.  For me.  Because I just trusted that all would work out...2 days later...I have made back everything I have spent on hiring that coach.  A coincidence?  I.  think.  not.

FAITH brings miracles.