5 Great Ways to Juggle it all!

image courtesy of classesandcareers.com

Being work-at-home moms there is a lot to juggle.  But here a few tips to make your life a whole lot easier. It is possible to be a entrepreneur and a mom and rock both!

1.) Get a great planner to help organize your schedule.
This is critical.  Having a schedule will help you remember all the things you have to do for your family and for your business.  No more missed appointments or missed deadlines.  Put it all together in one place.

2.) Get a great tool to organize your stuff.
Get a great looking bag or set of drawers to organize all of the miscellaneous stuff that sits out.  That way you won't loose all of those important things.

3.) Talk to an expert.
There are some people that are naturally gifted in these areas.  If you are not one of those people, talk to someone who is! Having expert advice will save you from having to spend time trying to figure it out yourself.  A lot of times we find that certain things don't work and then we just give up.  The experts will take the guessing work out and will help you find solutions that will work for you!

4.) Cut out the clutter.
This means not only getting rid of stuff, but learning how to change the way that you look at accumulating stuff as well.  This can be the hardest to overcome but there are a lot of tools out there that can help you become clutter free!

5.) Try a timer.
When you are doing something, set a timer.  When the timer goes off, STOP!  We usually spend more time than we need to on menial things and then when it comes time to do the big or more important things we run out of time.  Setting a timer is a good way to help you manage your time.

To read more of the original article and get more tips on how to stay organized go toWork it Mom.

Also, there is a great website that I just found out about, it isbizmomtips.com.  If you really want help from an organizational expert, Debbye Gallager is your gal!   She has tips to help you from organizing your kitchen, to what planner to use, to travel tips and much more!

Hope this helps!  Let's get organized!