Snow Day!

Kyrah has never been out in the snow before.  Well, she hasn't "played" in the snow.  Last year she was a little to young and this year we haven't had a ton of snow.  It has been a little challenging taking two kids out in the snow by myself.  (Hubby is always at work or school during the day so he can't really be there.)  But I bucked up and decided that if Kyrah was going to discover the white, fluffy wonderland, it was going to be today.  Who knows when more snow would come our way.  So, we got all bundled up and ventured outside.

Can I just tell you...this girl was in HEAVEN!  She ran around telling me over and over:

"Playing in the snow, Mama!  Playing in the snow!"

The snow was about knee deep for her so when I say she was running around, what I really mean is she was trudging around; falling on her face a couple of times.  But, having a blast!  We sang, "Once their was a snowman" and crawled around on all fours like dogs.  We started building a snowman, but then that mean old "nap time" decided to interrupt our fun.  Maybe today we can go finish our snowman.

Even though it was a lot of work to get the kids out, and I had to hold Syd the whole time, it was well worth it!  I just love snow days.  Don't you?  I think my favorite part is coming back inside and wrapping up in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate to thaw out my frozen fingers and toes.  B.L.I.S.S.