Family Fun Night

When you were little, simple things like kicking a ball can make you happy.  As adults we need so much more to keep us entertained.  Think back to when you were about 5...(I know for some of us that is a LONG time ago.  It's ok, just imagine!)  What did you and your family do for entertainment when you were little?  Did you play board games together?  Go to movies?  Play "camp out" with the bedsheets in the living room?

For me, I remember that we would go outside and play yard games.  Like tag or the girly version of Football.  My poor dad, he was totally outnumbered.  6 girls to 1 boy.  We love you dad!  He was such a good sport, and still is!  We also really liked to play board games like Shoots and Ladders or Break the Ice.  Do you remember those games?  They are still some of my favorites!  (I'm a little girl at heart!)

Since we moved around a lot when I was little I remember that the one constant in my life was my family.  I could always count on them.  I think that's why I really liked family night because we were able to bond together as a family, and have a blast at the same time!

So, what was your favorite family entertainment, way back when?  Before video games and the internet.

Thinking about that,  my kids won't have any concept of not being able to just hop online and look something up, or skyping with grandparents that live across the United States.  It's just second nature.  Crazy how the world has changed since we were little.

Oh, and one little side note...Sydnee turned 9 months old today! My little girl is growing up so fast!  Happy 9 months baby girl!  Love you!  Love, Mom