"Love-ya" Day

When I was little my my dad used to always call Valentine's Day, "Love-ya" Day.  It just stuck with me.  Honestly, that's how I love to refer to Valentine's day now.  There is something so simple about the phrase "love-ya" and yet it encompasses so much at the same time.

 "Love-ya" means: I will wash the dishes after dinner, I will change that messy diaper so you don't have to, when you are having a bad day I will cheer you up, I appreciate all that you do,  I will cherish you for ever and ever.  That phrase helps me to remember the true reason we have "Valentine's Day" is to show the special love we have for each other.  Whether it be a spouse, sister, brother, mom or dad, or anyone that is special to us.

There is a movie that I love, and I am sure you all have heard of it.. it's called The Princess Bride. Whenever Buttercup would ask Wesley to do something for her he would always reply, "As you wish."  Eventually she realized that when he was saying "As you wish," what he was really meant was "I love you."  That is what true love is.  It's not just saying, "I love you,"  but showing it by action.  So this Valentine's Day, (or "Love-ya" Day) showyour special someone that you love them.  Don't just say it.  I means more when there is action involved!  So get creative and feel the love today and every day, for the rest of your life!  :)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8jrhtPz2Ac]
Happy "Love-ya" Day!!

(Comment below and let me know what you did to "show" your love today!  :) )