Top 10 Crafty Blogs (a must read)

I'd like to think of myself as a very crafty person. Not overly obsessed or anything, but just someone that likes to create for fun. Most of my craftiness is sewing, however, sometimes I like to branch out into different avenues. The other day I was looking for some good blogs to read, to keep my crafty skills sharpened. In doing this I came across This is a really cool site because it has all different topics of blogs. In my case, I was of course looking for crafty blogs. It's those really creative minds that love what their doing and love to share their knowledge.

I've always wanted to be that person. The person that everyone wants to get advice from. The person that knows. Before I used to only dream about being that type of person. But now I realize the way that those knowledgeable crafters becameknowledgeable was through experience and reading. Learning all they could about the subject. Constantly. If I had time I would read a book a day, but unfortunately..being a mom of two kids, I do not.  Oh, well, maybe I'll just settle for reading at leastsomething each day.  :)  Just to keep my edge.

Here are some blogs that I have found that are considered to be (by Craft Gossip) the top 10 favorite Craft Blogs:



Imagine making something that not only looks divine but tastes it too. This blog is sure to inspire you into the kitchen for some edible crafting delights.


A close up look at when crafting goodness goes terribly wrong.


Looking for cute handmade finds? This blog is jam-packed with cute (as the name suggests) finds from around the Internet.

 Dollar Store Crafts

The global economy is no excuse to not do craft and this blog shows you just what you can do for pennies.


 Hostess with the Mostess

This blog is all about parties. It’s not actually a craft site but it is filled with inspirational party ideas that will make your next DIY party the talk of the street.


 Makes and Takes

A mix of craft, kids craft ideas and recipes - this blog has some fun realistic craft projects you can do at home.



 Not Martha

This blog has a fun name and lots of fun projects from craft, sewing and cooking.



 One Pretty Thing

A collection of inspirational crafting ideas from around the Internet.


 The Crafts Dept.

Martha's craft blog is obviously written by a team of crafters, but the projects are fantastic, the images devine and the skills needed are minimum yet effective.


 The Purl Bee

If you are into crochet then you just have to stop by this blog filled with fantastic projects and amazing photos.

What are some of your favorite craft blogs? Or any blog (for that matter) that leaves you feeling inspired or enlightened? Please share! I am always looking for great blogs to follow!

Let your crafty adventures begin! :)