Stroller Rides

After you have a baby, getting back to the gym just never seems to happen.  We all have good intentions.  But let's face it:  it's hard enough to get the kids up in the morning and get the daily routine under way!  But taking them to the gym for an hour so you can workout- forget about it!  At least that is how I feel.  Especially after I had my second.  

Today I found a great solution!  The company is calledStroller Strides.  This company (founded by Lisa Druxman, M.A.)  specializes in helping mothers with kids get a good work out in!  They have different workout programs to fit your fitness levels as well.  Most of the classes are offered outdoors but you can get classes that are offered in doors as well.  You get to workout and get fit with other moms in your same situation!  How awesome is that!  All while still being with your kids.  The exercises are basically basedaround your kids.  There are no classes in my area but I am looking into getting them brought here to Logan, UT because I know that their ideas and concepts would be very widely received.

I encourage you to get out there and get fit!  I know it's hard to feel like you really want to exercise, especially when you are chasing your kids around all day.  But I can tell you from personal experience that when I am the most patient and the most engaged with my kids is when I have exercised that day.  It just seems to release all the tension in me of the day and it makes me want to eat better and just be a better person!

So even if Stroller Strides is not in your area you can still find ways to make exercise fun and enjoyable even with your kids!  Just get some girlfriends together and makeyour own group.  But remember, just get some kind of physical activity in during the day.  It will change your life in more ways that you can imagine!
Values [of Stroller Strides]

We will help moms achieve their ultimate potential, both physically and emotionally.We will offer support and education for moms.

We will inspire moms to reach optimal health and well being.

We will inspire children to emulate their moms and make fitness a part of their lives.
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