Kids certainly have a way of making you feel like you always need to be on your best behavior.  I mean, that's good right? We always want to be doing our best as parents.  However, there was a moment this week where I began to question the fact that my daughter is only two and she already knows way to much for her own good.

Kyrah (she's 2) was playing with her little baby doll.  She was playing nicely with her baby, just talking to her, feeding her, changing her diaper, you know, all the stuff that you are supposed to do when you are being a good mommy.  ;)  Well, out of the blue Kyrah runs over to Sydnee (she's 8 months) who is happily sitting on the floor playing with her toys.  At first I thought she was just going to give her toy or something, but low and behold, she takes her baby doll's hand and wacks Syd on the top of the head with it!

Before I could do anything about it, Syd starts to cry and Kyrah looks at her  baby and exclaims:

"Time-out, don't hit!"  (As she is shaking her finger at the baby, scolding her for her misbehavior)

She then grabbed her baby and sat down with her in her lap and folded her baby's arms and held them.  (Just like we do for Kyrah when she is in time out...)  I couldn't believe how a little two year old could be so observant.  I mean I realized that she was watching us as parents but I didn't realize how closely.  I mean she's only two right?  How much can a two year really know?

Apparently...a lot.