Toddler Tuesday: Counting...

Today my daughter (K) was counting in Spanish with her daddy and she was counting uno, dos, tres etc.  Well, they counted all the way to 10 with her repeating the numbers that daddy said.   Then she started to count... (while holding up the number of fingers associated with each number)  "uno, dos, tres, cuatro..." *long pause* looks at daddy..."FIVE!!"  She hold's up five fingers with a huge grin on her face!  Oh, my sweet little girl!  She is growing up to fast!

Please listen to this song by Taylor Swift.  It's called:  "Never Grow Up".  It's on her new album SPEAK NOW.  Here are the full lyrics.  Let me know what you think of this song.  I know when I listened to it, it pretty much summed up how I feel about my two little girls.  I know that a lot of us parents can probably relate.  :)  Enjoy!