Toddler Tuesday: It's a Crayon Tree!

To those of us that have toddlers, we all know that they get bored quickly and we always have to be coming up with new ideas and fun activities for them to do.  Well, here is a simple activity that would be really fun to do together!  I'm going to do this with my daughter sometime this week!  Yay! :)

Have fun!

 It's a Crayon Tree!
crayon tree craftWow...look what's growing on this tree!! You and your toddler will have a blast making this crayon tree. Adult: take a paper towel roll and use some scissors to punch/poke some holes around it just big enough for a crayon to fit snuggly. Then let your toddler take some of her favorite color crayons and put them in the holes. It is easier to put them in tip first. Yay! You have made a crayon tree!

Supplies Needed:- Paper Towel tube
- Scissors
- Crayons
- Once you have made the crayon tree, you can put the rest of the crayons away so that your toddler only has a few out. Tell her that she can color with just the crayons that are on the tree! That makes clean up easier!
- As your toddler is putting the crayons in the holes, talk about the color name
- You can count the number of crayons that your toddler puts in to make the tree.

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