Thrifty Thursday: The Obsessive Shopper

I had a friend come to me today and tell me about The Obsessive Shopper. Who is that? I will tell you. Shauntell Ottley will teach you step by step how to clip coupons and save A LOT of money on groceries! And who couldn't save a little money on groceries right now during the recession. Also, she can help you with your food storage too! She has online tutorials, blog posts etc. And best of all: it's all FREE!

You know, I have always wanted to be a money saver through clipping coupons but I never really knew how or where to start. So I would say to myself, well, I guess I don't need too. I mean how much money can you really save anyway? I have a lot of friends who have started to clip coupons and the savings are amazing! You just have to be willing to put the effort in. Because it will take a little bit of extra time. But I can guarantee you it will be worth it! So I am going to jump in with both feet and make a renewed effort to start clipping those coupons! WHOSE WITH ME!!!??

PS- There is a special going on right now, on Shauntell's website on newspapers, but it ends today! So hurry and order! I did! :)


As of right now for a VERY limited time almost anyone in Utah can order up to 8 Newspapers for $19.99 EACH!!!!


The newspaper is the number one way to get coupons! The majority of coupons used come from the Sunday paper coupon inserts. I have

never seen the paper so low in price. To really SAVE the most spend the LEAST on this essential item. Call today!

This deal is for The Deseret News AND Salt Lake Tribune which are delivered almost anywhere in Utah.

Each subscription will cost $19.99 you will get-

  • A Weekend Subscription (Friday-Sunday)
  • 52 weeks of delivery
  • Enough coupons to REALLY stock up and start saving TONS!!!!!!

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