Thrifty Thursday: Date Night

Even Mom and Dad deserve a date night.  Or should I say...especially because Mom and Dad are parents they deserve a date night away from the kids.  It is very important for their relationship as husband and wife to, at the very least, go on a date with just each other twice a month.  (If you can swing it, it should be once a week).  It does help you become better parents as well!!

The problem is though, because we have a families there really isn't much money to spend on date night.  DO NOT WORRY!  There are a lot of fun things you can do as a couple for free or very little money.

I know my hubby and I have to do that all the time, because we only have 2 kids and yet all of our money is going towards diapers, bills and food on the table.  But we find that if we are really frugal and set aside just about $5 a week towards date night, we can usually go out together about twice a month and do something fun.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:
*Go on picnics
*go to the park
*wait for movies to come to the "cheap seats" in the theater
*have friends over and everyone pitch in on dinner and a movie.
*find some local free entertainment in your area (concerts in the park etc.)
*do a puzzle together
*play games with other couples (we love card games!)
*come up with fun ideas together
*fly kites
*work on a fun project together

My goofy, adorable, fun hubby and I  (we are on a date at the park--FREE)

               START DATING!!   again...