Sick baby :(

So my little one was sick all week. Such a sad thing! I don't know if any of you other moms feel this way, but I know for me it is really hard because I just feel so helpless! I wish I could just take all of her sickness away and make her feel better. Yeah, I think that is probably the hardest part. She tried so hard to be happy even though she was feeling lousy. It just broke my heart! Luckily, after a week for snuggling with mommy and just taking it easy, today my little baby seems to be almost like new! Yay! :) Watch out world...the toddler is back! :)

I was reading this the other are some great tips for when your little toddler is sick (I agree with most of them, but not all. But make sure you do what you think is best for your child! After all, you are the parent!)

Toddler Sick? Tips to Help Your Sick Child and You as the Parent

E Harmon
Published October 02, 2007 by:

...There are a few things you can do as a parent to help your sick toddler handle his sickness as best as possible. Here are some tips.

Allow special treats. Even if you don't normally let your toddler eat things like ice cream, allow a few special treats during her sickness. If nothing tastes good except for ice cream, let her have ice cream. You can always catch up on good nutrition after the illness has run its course.

Allow forbidden fun. By forbidden fun I mean things that won't really harm your toddler, but aren't generally part of your daily activities. TV, for instance. In our household my son doesn't watch TV. When he's sick, however, I will allow him to enjoy some morning kids' shows or cartoons. This special treat will get his mind off of how badly he feels at least for a short time. Other special forbidden treats such as playing with the remote control, or sleeping in mommy and daddy's bed, might be allowed for a brief time as well.

Stop trying to do your chores. Many parents find it difficult to deal with their toddler's sickness and also maintain regular household duties. Let the chores go for a time. Your house will be fine and the rest of your family will survive. Just focus on your puny little one and his needs.

Bring home a new toy. If the illness is extending over the course of several days, have daddy or a friend to bring home a special new toy as a get-well present. The toy may not be distracting for long, but it means a lot to the child and to the parent to see a smiling face for a change, and to have an all-important distraction.

Invite visitors. If your toddler's sickness is not contagious you may want to actually invite some visitors over. A visit from grandma, or some fun times spent with uncle Joe will reduce your stress as a parent and keep your toddler happy for a time.

Dealing with a sick toddler is difficult for any parent. Helping your child to deal with the sickness is all a part of parenting. Try these tips for making your toddler's next illness easier on everyone.