So, I need your help. Here are a few of the animals that I will using to make my Luvi Blankets out of. These are new and different from the other animals I used to use. These animals are more colorful and vibrant than the other animals I used to use.

The dilemma you ask?

Which minkee fabric do I use for the "blanket part"? Do I use more vibrant colors that match the animals? (Like bright green, orange, blue, etc.) Or do I still stick with the more mellow colors? To maybe offset the vibrancy of color in the animals?

Think about it in terms of what you want your child to be carrying around...which one you would be more inclined to purchase.

Thanks so much for your feedback!

This is a picture of one my old Luvi Blankets, just so you can see the difference in color, and also for those of you who don't know what a Luvi Blanket is: this is it! :) It is the head on one end of the blanket and the feet on the other, with the blanket in between. :) This way the child gets their favorite stuffed animal and blanket all in one! (The blanket roughly measures about 18"x18" without the animal attached.)

Here are just a few of the new animals I will be using for the Luvi Blankets: