Teething Trials...

Teething. That is a word that causes each parent to cringe. It is one of those necessary evils that all babies must go through. The hard part is the fact that there is nothing a parent can do but sit there and watch their baby go through the pain. Tonight I had the experience of teething with my little one. I think she has been teething for a few days now but tonight was one of the worst. My poor little girl was crying because of the pain. I did everything I could. (Gave her Tylenol, ora gel, cold things to suck on...) But she was still hurting, so I just held and rocked her as she cried huge crocadile tears.

I know "this to shall pass" but I hate being helpless like that, not being able to help my child. I'm sure every parent can relate. If anyone has any tips please feel free to share!